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Reality Check on the Electric Car

First of all, I like the idea of an electric car. I like “all-electric”.

Demand Rates – Ensuring All Members Pay Their “Fair” Share

When electric cooperative were created 81 years ago, built into the business model was the idea of fairness.  All margins (or profits) that a cooperative has are allocated back to the members each year.  And as our board policy allows (through responsible financial ratios) we give those margins back to our members.  In the last 28 years, we have given back more than $2.8 million.

New Rate Structure FAQs

Howard Electric Cooperative is implementing a NEW rate structure that gives members more control over their power bill than ever before!

By simply reducing energy use during the highest cost period each day, members can save on power bills.

Rates Going Up In 2016

Associated Electric Cooperative, the power supplier of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, has announced that rates will be going up in 2016, probably April 1st.

As a result, Howard Electric will raise rates in April to cover Associated’s increases as well as other increases that HEC has seen, including the cost of a much needed third substation. This new substation will be located in the southwest portion of our service area and will allow us to better serve existing members and new loads.

New Demand Rate Structure

Ever since Howard Electric Cooperative was formed in 1936 your cooperative has looked for ways to better serve you…our members.  In that same spirit, we have been working with our rate consultant over the last several months studying our rates.  I am excited to report that we have developed a new rate structure that in future years will give you more control over your power bill, if you choose to do so.  Although rates are going up the restructuring of our rates will more accurately reflect the cost to operate HEC.


December 2015 Update

I thought I would take this opportunity to update the membership on a few recent developments you might find informative. Recently I was able to attend the Associations of Missouri Electric Cooperatives  annual meeting in Branson, MO and was able to witness Attorney Chris Koster announce that Missouri will add its name to 23 other states who have filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Clean Power Plan. Mr.

Understanding Peak Power

You're 60 years old. You and your wife have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. You're building a house and you've got to decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Your children and grandchildren live in North Carolina, Arizona, Vermont and south Texas. They only come home for Christmas and a few days in August. your wife wants a five bedroom house with a game room that the grandkids can bunk down in. These rooms wll be used 10 days out of the year. The other 355 days of the year, they go unused. 

CO2 and Global Warming Part I of 4

When it comes to global warming, I agree with the deniers. Here’s why.

CO2 and Global Warming Part 2 of 4

When it comes to global warming, I agree with the deniers. Well, what exactly are they denying?

They deny that the global climate is safer absent man‐made CO2 emissions. Life expectancy 200 years ago in this country was 35‐40 years. Now it’s approaching 80 years. There is a strong correlation between fossil fuel use and life expectancy.

Electricity feeds the machines that allow labs to test and perfect the medicines we use. Reliable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week electricity keeps antibiotics refrigerated which extends life.

CO2 and Global Warming Part 3 of 4

When it comes to global warming. I agree with the deniers. I deny that because of an increase in carbon dioxide by one one‐hundredth of one percent, that we will see an increase in catastrophic weather.

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