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Dual Fuel Systems

Dual Fuel means using two fuels to heat the home instead of one.  Typically dual fuel involves combining a high-efficiency heat pump unit wiht a fossil fuel furnace (natural gas or propane) to heat a home.  This is the type of dual fuel system that Howard Electric Co-op encourages and rebates. 

A heat pump is a home comfort unit that will heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer.  With dual fuel the heat pump will meet the heating needs of the typical home very economically down to 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit.  At that point, when the efficiency of the heat pump is dropping off, and Howard Electric is reaching a peak demand for the electricity, an outdoor thermostat switches to the fossil fuel furnace.  By allowing the switch to the fossil fuel furnace, members cna experience savings on their electric costs by reducing peak demand during times of very cold temperatures.  This allows the cooperative system to operate more efficiently and helps to control electricity prices to our members.  Additionally, a duel fuel system benefits our members by allowing them to use two efficient heating methods during the times that both operate at their maximum efficiency.

Howard Electric Co-op offers rebates on dual fuel systems in addition to a 1.5¢ per kWh discount  from November 1st through May 1st for kWh.  The discount requires the heat pump be metered by a secondary meter.


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