To become a member and receive service from Howard Electric Cooperative, you will be charged a membership fee of $25. For each additional meter, you will be charged a $25 deposit. Either the membership fee or deposit is applied to your final bill. You will be issued a refund check if your account has a credit balance.

When you request a new meter where there has never been a meter before, you must sign an application, an easement and pay the membership fee of $25 and possibly pay a security deposit. A cooperative employee will engineer the proposed electric service. New line extensions are constructed as provided for in Board Policy Number 219.

When you request a meter to be installed where there has been a meter before, you will need to complete an application, sign an easement, pay a membership or deposit charge of $25 and possibly pay a security deposit.  If you are already a member of Howard Electric, your membership fee or deposit can be transferred to your new account.

All consumers of a temporary nature, to whom the Cooperative extends its line and which later must be removed upon termination of service, shall pay the total cost of construction and estimated removal, minus credit for salvageable material.

The Cooperative will base your security deposit upon your credit rating. If after one year of no late payments with Howard Electric, the member may request to have their credit report rerun, and if their credit has improved, the cooperative may refund, on the members bill, a portion of the deposit. Otherwise, the deposit will be credited to your account upon disconnection of your service, less any amount due to the cooperative.

If you do not want to pay the required security deposit from the credit check, prepaid billing is available. 

The General Manager of the Cooperative, at their discretion, may require an additional security deposit on questionable accounts.

If you are planning to move from your residence or business, and no longer want electric service, notify the cooperative in advance of the date you want the meter disconnected. The cooperative will not disconnect the meter unless you request a disconnect or your account becomes delinquent.

When you request a disconnect, give us your new address. We will remove your meter and read your meter for your final bill. You are responsible for the electric bill until you request the service be taken out of your name. The party moving into your house or business must apply for service and pay a new membership fee or meter deposit.

When we figure your final bill, we will apply your membership fee or deposit, and bill you for the difference. If the bill is less than the membership fee or meter deposit, the co-op will refund the difference and mail it to you at your new address.