Infographic about prepaid electric service

What is prepaid electric service?

Food. Gasoline. Even cell phone minutes. We pay for those and most other goods and services before we actually use them. Now, pay-as-you-go electric service, also called prepaid electric service, is growing in popularity for electric cooperative members.  

How does it work?

Members pay an amount up front, their usage is billed to their credit balance daily and the cooperative sends a text or e-mail message to let them know when they’re almost “out” of electricity. If a payment is not made prior to the account balance reaching zero, the electric service will be disconnected. As soon as a payment is made, the meter reconnects. 

Why would I want prepaid electric service?

Prepay works best for people who want to take control of their electric account and energy use. Prepaying can offer a good solution for members who move around a lot, own rental properties, are in college or the military, or are facing financial difficulties. For starters, it eliminates the need for deposits and late fees.
Prepaid plans give you:
The flexibility to pay what you can afford when you need electricity.
- The clarity of knowing just where your energy dollars are going.
- The benefit of saving energy and money.
- The power to control your energy bill.

If it is easier to make daily or weekly payments instead of a larger monthly payment, prepaid services may be right for you.  

Getting Started

Below are the documents you need to start or switch to prepay service. Please call our office at 660-248-3311 to get enrolled.

Prepay Welcome Letter  Prepay Agreement

*Prepay service is only available to residential electric accounts.