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2024 Youth Tour Application and Rule Sheet - Juniors 

2024 CYCLE Application and Rule Sheet - Sophomores

This is a FREE trip of a lifetime, but don't take our word for it. Watch the video below to see what previous participants had to say.

Howard Electric Cooperative sponsors a contest for juniors going to high schools in the Howard Electric service area. The winner of this contest will join 1,500 other winners from across the nation, receiving an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C. in June of each year and receive a $1,000 scholarship to the college of your choice. Sophomores can apply to attend CYCLE in Jefferson City.  Applications must be received at Howard Electric by February 23rd.

In Washington, D.C., you will see all the historic sites, the Houses of Government, landmarks, and meet your Congressman and Senators.  All you have to do to win is:

  • Decide to enter

  • Research your material (provided by Howard Electric)

  • Complete application

  • Become a finalist

  • Be judged a winner

  • Pack your bags

For more information, contact Paula at Howard Electric (660) 248-3311.


The Youth Tour runner up will attend the CYCLE program. CYCLE is a three day conference held in Jefferson City in late July.  It brings in some of the brightest young leaders from across Missouri.  The focus is to show students more about electric cooperatives, teach leadership skills and experience Missouri State Government.  

2022 CYCLE Winner: Emma Rice, New Franklin

2022 Youth Tour Winner: Evann Witte, Glasgow

    Previous Youth Tour student winners:

    2019 Emmett Gutz, Salisbury

    2018 Grace Whitaker, Harrisburg

    2017 Owen Thornburg, Huntsville

    2016 Baylee Hudson, Harrisburg

    2015 Carolyn Bland, Harrisburg 

    2014 Mikaela Lewis, Harrisburg

    2013 Starlight Katsaros, Harrisburg

    2012 Olivia Harvey, New Franklin

    2011 Danielle Schmitt, Glasgow

    2010 Nicola Wright, Harrisburg

    2009 Jocelyn Lewis, Harrisburg

    2008 Ashley Kabler, Harrisburg

    2007 Trent Kruessel, Salisbury

    2006 Jennifer McKee, New Franklin

    2005 Jared Verner, Armstrong

    2004 Jessica Storjohann, New Franklin

    2003 Timmy Meissen, Salisbury

    2002 Emily Appel, New Franklin

    2001 Roger Meissen, Salisbury

    2000 Nicole Schlotzhauer, New Franklin

    1999 Stacy Deakins, Harrisburg

    1998 Frank Flaspohler, Fayette

    1997 Kelley Rohlfing, Fayette

    1996 Catherin Meyer, Salisbury

    1995 Jennifer Bussman, Salisbury

    1994 Meagan Harlan, Salisbury

    1993 Chanda Bankhead, Higbee

    1992 Amy Shook, Fayette

    1991 Chris Sturm, Salisbury

    1990 Missy Berendzen, Salisbury

    1989 Ellen Reynolds, Huntsville

    1988 Angela Mann, New Franklin