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One of the 7 Cooperative Principles is Concern for Community.  Howard Electric is proud to support the nonprofit organizations in our service territory.  These nonprofit organizations work hard to improve the communities we live in and around.  Since 2012 Howard Electric has donated $196,000 throughout the service territory without any affect on member electric rates.   That is correct, these donations did not have any affect on member electric rates.

Howard Electric Cooperative sends donated capital to the Howard Electric Community Foundation (HECF).  In a cooperative, donated capital comes from unclaimed capital credits.  The HECF funds are invested at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (GKCCF) where they have grown substantially over the years.  

CoBank, one of Howard Electric’s lenders, has a Sharing Success program.  By applying to CoBank’s Sharing Success program Howard Electric has been able to secure $72,500 in matching grant funds. The Sharing Success funds in addition to the $123,500 from the HECF is what makes it possible for Howard Electric to make larger donations to the nonprofit organizations in our service territory. 

What a blessing for Howard Electric and the service territory.  The giving season was able to be extended throughout the year without any affect on the rates.  Providing members with safe, reliable, affordable, and clean electric power remains our top priority.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2022 Community Donations

2022 Community Donations (2)

2022 Recipients

Athletic Boosters - Fayette          

FFA -  Fayette, Glasgow, Higbee, New Franklin, Salisbury & Westran     

Fire Dept - Armstrong, Fayette, Glasgow, Higbee & Howard County

Food Bank - Fayette, Glasgow & New Franklin

High School Baseball - Fayette              Howard County 911 & Emergency Mgmt

Howard County AFA Scholarship            Howard County Soccer

Larry’s Warrior Foundation          Lions Club - Higbee

Ministerial Alliance - Fayette & Huntsville

Optimist Jr Cheerleaders         Optimist Youth Tackle Football

PAWS          Police Dept - Fayette

Senior Center - Fayette, Glasgow & Higbee

St Jude's (Saddle-Up Fundraiser)

St Mary’s Catholic School         Wendy Sunderland Mem. Scholarship

Youth Baseball - Fayette           Youth Basketball - Fayette